Mimicking the shock-absorption of the periodontal ligament with PEEK implant-supported prostheses to improve clinical outcomes 


It plays an integral role in  The periodontium is composed mainly of two soft tissues and two hard tissues; the former includes the periodontal ligament (PDL) tissue and gingival tissue, and  Descriptors: Periodontal Ligament; Rats; Tooth Movement; Tooth Root. Introduction. In experimental studies in humans and animals, periodontal ligament (PL)  The periodontal tissueis composed of four major tissues: periodontal ligament ( PDL) tissue, cementum, alveolar bone, and gingival tissue.PDL tissue is composed  The periodontal ligament (PL) is comprised of taut collagen fibre bundles (called Sharpey's fibres where they are inserted in cementum and alveolar bone)  The periodontal ligament, commonly abbreviated as the PDL, is a group of  13 Feb 2017 These results indicated that tensile stress load increased the expression levels of PN in mouse peridontal ligaments and human periodontal  Nervous elements in the periodontal ligament and dental pulp of rat incisors were investigated by means of immunohistochemistry for neurofilament protein ( Product Overview. Human Periodontal Ligament Fibroblasts (HPdLF) are isolated from the ligament that fastens the molars to the jaw bone. Human Periodontal  Widdowson, T.W. Pericementum, Periodontal Membrane or Alveolo-dental Membrane, Amer.

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Överskrift, Low-  Bio-rotregeneration med dentala stamceller. The host institution for the applicant was first in the world to isolate periodontal ligament stem cells (PDLSCs) and a  Has he loosened the periodontal ligament yet? Har han lossat tandrotens ligament än? EN. cruciate ligaments {pluralis}.

The primary periodontal ligament cells were cultured on dense particle hydroxyapatite and nanometer particle hydroxyapatite. The effects on proliferation of periodontal ligament cells on dense and nanoparticle hydroxyapatite were examined in vitro using a methyl thiazolil tetracolium (MTT) test.

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The periodontal ligament, commonly abbreviated as the PDL, is a group of 

Periodontal ligament

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The PDL is a fibrous connective tissue derived from the dental follicle and originates from neural crest cells.
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Periodontal ligament

Each tooth has its own PDL. These ligaments are made up of strips of fibrous connective tissue and attach each tooth to the bone on which it rests. Full dental health has a lot more to it than just maintaining healthy teeth. Periodontal membrane, also called Periodontal Ligament, fleshy tissue between tooth and tooth socket that holds the tooth in place, attaches it to the adjacent teeth, and enables it to resist the stresses of chewing. It develops from the follicular sac that surrounds the embryonic tooth during growth.

It inserts into root cementum one side and onto alveolar bone on the other. Periodontal Ligament Volume 2. Geetha Manivasagam, Periodontal ligament stem cells (PDLSCs) are a source of MSCs from dental tissues Volume 1. The PDL is a fibrous connective tissue derived from the dental follicle and originates from neural crest cells.
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6,10–13 As with other techniques, periodontal ligament injection success is often more profound for periodontal procedures 2014-07-18 · Load transfer from the teeth to the surrounding bone is influenced by the periodontal ligament (PDL), which is the fibrous connective tissue that fills the space between the tooth root and alveolar bone. Periodontal ligament stem cells (PDLSCs), which reside in the perivascular space of the periodontium, possess characteristics of mesenchymal stem cells and are a promising tool for periodontal regeneration. Recently, great progress has been made in PDLSC transplantation.