(1988) and that some of the Swedish examples are adapted from Cinque's takes place in either participant; 2. agentive, if the subject intentionally causes 


More example sentences. ‘Some objects appeared to be self-propelled and agentive.’. ‘It's not as if the outcome played any agentive role in the disappointment.’. ‘One of the key experiences of hearing voices is the lack of agentive control over the voices.’.

Examples of Simple Subjects Here are some sentences with the simple subjects highlighted. The hungry fox darted across the yard. The only example of an agentive verb with a human subject is "I turned my head" (3). Jedyny przykład czasownika wskazującego na wykonawcę czynności z podmiotem ludzkim jest "obróciłem swoją głowę" (3). The agentive case is overtly marked as distinct from the accusative. agentive adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (grammar: indicating an agent) agentivo adj adjetivo : Describe el sustantivo.

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Tony wrote a play. In each of these sentences, the subject comes before the verb and object. The subject is “doing” the verb in the sentence. This is called the active voice. 2019-11-04 · Among these alternative ways of topic choice are also the focus constructions, especially clefting, but also non-agentive subjects, existential sentences, raising constructions and the passive.

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the agentive case. agentive: Of or relating to a linguistic form or construction that indicates an agent or agency, as the suffix -er in singer. agentive - definition and meaning Community 2019-11-04 Examples of Active Voice: Shane plays music.

av AL Fredriksson · 2016 · Citerat av 15 — Adverbial → inanimate agentive-like Subject. 5.4.3 All examples from the English-Swedish Parallel Corpus are given with a reference.

Agentive subject examples

it is possible to imagine some understood agent also in these latter examples, those of lexical verbs is that modal verbs can have their own agentive subject.

2) The non- agent promotion domain is the construction that agent is not promoted, but other   In the active sentence the subject is the agent (she who did the eating) and the quasi-agent to the verb in passive-like constructions so we find, for example: 22 Aug 2019 For example, Folli & Harley (2006) argue for an implementation in which roots In traditional terminology, these involve an agentive subject;  Independence: Each role is given a consistent semantic definition that applies to all verbs Agent: The 'doer' or instigator of the action denoted by the predicate. The agent is a semantic concept distinct from the subject of a sentence as well as For example, in the sentence "The little girl was bitten by the dog", "girl" is the  agentive case in a sentence - Use "agentive case" in a sentence 1.
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Agentive subject examples

Note that the locative subject in all these examples can be “restored” back to the predicate-. definition. The two key questions are these: (a) Is the patient really the grammatical subject?

We are normally not interested in the ›doer‹ of an action in a passive sentence. When we want to mention the ›doer‹, we use the  30 Oct 2016 Thus, these examples clearly demonstrate that the ambiguity is not illusionary and that the subject can have a reading significantly distinct from  Read, for example, obeys a rule restricting its use to animate subjects: to say the latter and partly because sentences with agentive subjects are generally  An agent is usually the grammatical subject of the verb in an active clause.
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Agentive definition: (in some inflected languages) denoting a case of nouns , etc, indicating the agent | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Gram. 1. pertaining to, or productive of, a form that indicates an agent or agency. 2. (in case grammar) pertaining to the semantic role or case of a noun phrase that indicates the volitional or primary causer of the action… 2020-02-07 Translation for 'agentive' in the free English-French dictionary and many other French translations.